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Prof. Dr. Hanna Klimpe

Hanna Klimpe is a professor of Social Media at HAW Hamburg. She studied French, philosophy, journalism and communication studies at the universities of Hamburg and Bordeaux. After she graduated, she completed a joint PhD with the Institute for Romance Studies of the University of Hamburg and the Faculty for Social Studies of the University of Paris VII. Her PhD, which was funded by the FAZIT foundation, examined role play as a model of pragmatics for freedom of action. At HAW Hamburg, she was co-responsible for the development of the master program “Digital Communication”, which firstly adapted the concept of newsrooms of American journalism schools for a German-speaking communication program. At SDI München, she was the director of the master program “International Media Communication” as a professor of digital communication & change.

Her research focuses on digital storytelling and digital self-presentation, communication dynamics and –monitoring in social media as well as social media as (counter) public. She has also worked as a digital counselor and social media strategist and is writing as a journalist, e.g. for Financial Times Germany, daily newspaper Tageszeitung and Courrier International about culture, feminism and digitalism
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Digital Public Spheres //
Research on digital public spheres at the International Media Center
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Political disinformation in the network society
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