• Prof. Dr. Steffen Burkhardt

      Founder and Director

      Prof. Dr. Steffen Burkhardt is Director of the International Media Center (IMC). He researches and teaches with a focus on media sociology, social media, privacy and public sphere. His current research includes the transformation of privacy in consequence of the internationalization and digitalization of the media. Dr. Burkhardt is a founding member of the Global Communication Association, and associated with numerous international organizations and think tanks. He is a member of the selection committee of the German National Academic Foundation and several trusts to promote press freedom, human rights, and democracy. As a reviewer, among other things, the social scientist works for the European Union. Dr. Burkhardt has been appointed a Fellow of the Transatlantic Young Leaders Study Group on the Future of Europe. The media expert is a frequent public speaker for the national media, and has been quoted by such international media outlets as The New York Times and The Guardian.
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    • Jan Homburg

      Research Associate

      Jan Schacht is working as a research associate for the project “Intercultural Perspectives, Social Media and the Press”. During his undergraduate studies with a major in information management, he was selected for a scholarship program funded by the German-American Fulbright Commission called “Diversity Initiative”. He also worked for NBC Philadelphia, where he was placed as a fellow in an exchange program initiated through GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit). He then continued to work for Apple and a German software company before taking part in a research project about the influence of social media on brand management in a renowned communications agency called Richards Partners in Auckland, New Zealand. In the context of his graduate degree in media and information studies at HAW Hamburg, he specialized in the fields of participatory communication and internet technologies.

    • Bastian Kießling

      Research Associate

      Bastian Kießling is working as a research associate for the project “Intercultural Perspectives, Social Media and the Press”. He studied Journalism and Communication science at the University of Vienna and worked for the research project “Public Discourses on Climate Change” after his graduation. The project was realised by the University of Hamburg and the cluster for excellence “Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction“ (CliSAP). The cluster is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and conducts fundamental research on climate change in the fields of natural, economic and social sciences. His research focuses on political communication, the processes of public opinion formation and media effects.

    • Prof. Dr. Hanna Klimpe

      Professor of Social Media

      Hanna Klimpe is a professor of Social Media at HAW Hamburg. She studied French, philosophy, journalism and communication studies at the universities of Hamburg and Bordeaux. After she graduated, she completed a joint PhD with the Institute for Romance Studies of the University of Hamburg and the Faculty for Social Studies of the University of Paris VII. Her PhD, which was funded by the FAZIT foundation, examined role play as a model of pragmatics for freedom of action. At HAW Hamburg, she was co-responsible for the development of the master program “Digital Communication”, which firstly adapted the concept of newsrooms of American journalism schools for a German-speaking communication program. At SDI München, she was the director of the master program “International Media Communication” as a professor of digital communication & change.

    • Malte Bartels

      Project Assistant

      Malte Bartels is working as a project assistant at the International Media Center. He supports current research activities and general content management tasks. In 2018, he started his Bachelor´s degree in media and information at HAW Hamburg, focusing on media management, information organization, information economics, media studies and journalism.

    • Kilian Ganz

      Project Assistant

      Kilian Ganz is a project assistant at the International Media Center. During his research semester, he supports research efforts in ongoing projects and is also part of the team to manage the IMC’s social media channels. After successfully completing his studies in information science and media informatics, Kilian Ganz gained experience in software development which he contributes to the research projects of the IMC. Since 2018 he has been studying in the “Information, Media, Library“ master’s program at HAW Hamburg with a focus on data analysis and data visualization.

    • Linnéa Kusch

      Project Assistant

      Linnéa Kusch is a project assistant at the International Media Center. While actively managing the IMC’s social media channels, she also supports in connected research activities. Additionally, Linnéa Kusch manages digitalization efforts at a local publishing agency and applies her expertise in this field to support the IMC’s research strategy. In 2017, she started working on her Bachelor’s degree in media and information at HAW Hamburg, focusing on media management, information organization, information economics, media studies and journalism.

    • Dr. Anna Litvinenko


      Dr. Anna Litvinenko supports the IMC German-Russian Media Program as the resident Russian expert. She teaches and researches as a Senior Lecturer at the Chair of International Journalism of St. Petersburg State University. In spring 2003, she was a fellow in the Journalists International Program (JIL) at the International Journalism College and in autumn 2011 she will conduct research at the Free Univerisity of Berlin as a scholar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. She will also carry out an independent research project at the Institute for Publicity and Communication Sciences as part of a Federal Chancellor grant. The current focus of her work is “Media and Politics in Modern Germany: Media Democracy in the Internet Age.”

    • Dennis Münstermann

      Project Assistant

      As a project assistant, Dennis Münstermann supports the IMC’s ongoing studies by conducting profound data research. Additionally, he is responsible for supporting the maintenance of the IMC’s Twitter profile and web presence. Since Fall 2018 he is enrolled in the master’s program “Information, Media, Library (MA)” at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. In combination with his degree in “IT & Design”, he has acquired expertise in data analysis and visualization, applied informatics, media studies and communication science. Additionally, due to his practical experience in international agencies, he has built cultural awareness and developed an understanding for media relations.

    • Petra Pissulla

      Director Exchange Programs

      Petra Pissulla heads the international exchange programs at IMC. She has consulting experiences with the IMF and the World Bank and was selected Harvard Fellow of the “Harvard German Workshop on American Politics”. Until 2013, she was director of the Dräger Foundation, a private, non-partisan, not-for-profit operative foundation committed to promoting science and research, especially in the field of national and international economic and social order as well as in environmental matters. Petra Pissulla was a member of the Advisory Board of the START Foundation in Frankfurt am Main and member of the Stiftungsbeirat (Foundation Advisory Board) of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Since 2013 she is Member of the Board of the Amerikazentrum Hamburg. Additionally she supports the BürgerStiftung Hamburg, Hamburg's citizen foundation that promotes volunteering.

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