Talk 'Remembering the Unimaginable' at the Oxford Centre for Global History


Prof. Dr. Steffen Burkhardt, director of the IMC, spoke about 'Remembering the Unimaginable' at the 2018 Symposium of the Royal Historical Society at Oxford University. The symposium's topic was 'The Future of History: Going Global in the Universiy'.

How can teaching the Holocaust contribute to better understand the challenges that transcultural societies have to master? Professor Burkhardt's talk presented experiences from the oral history project ‘The Memory Archives’ that is a compilation of the recollections of survivors of the Holocaust and the descendants of those survivors. It discusses the Holocaust remembrance in the era of digital memories and shows how online storytelling techniques can be used to create a transcultural archive remembering Jewish culture in Nazi Germany, migration to the USA, and rebuilding lives as refugees.

In the 150th anniversary year of The Royal Historical Society, the symposium focuses on the nature of the ‘global turn’ in higher education, which has challenged the traditional framework of history research and teaching in universities.  Whether in reframing periodization, or in encouraging large collaborative research projects, this event brings together a range of scholars to discuss the practice of history in higher education now that history departments have been urged to go global.  Speakers will reflect on the methodological, chronological, and geographical frameworks used in the teaching and research of history at universities, and examine both the challenges and opportunities that global approaches offer to history in institutions of higher education.

Talk // 'Remembering the Unimaginable' at the Oxford Centre for Global History
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