Scandalous: Interdisciplinary research on scandals


Steffen Burkhardt describes the current state of knowledge of communication scandal research in the English-language book "Scandalogy: An Interdisciplinary Field". The volume that is edited by Martin Haller, Hendrik Michael and Martin Kraus introduces into the variety of subjects that deal with the social phenomenon of scandal.
In his article "Scandals in the Network Society," Burkhardt analyzes how scandals have changed under the influence of digitization in the networked public spheres of the information society. He also explains the key differences between scandals and media scandals and provides an overview of central research fields from the perspective of communication science.

Those who are interested in good communication in the event of crises and scandals should not miss this anthology, published by Herbert von Halem Verlag in Cologne. It brings together contributions from international researchers on the subject of scandal. It presents both empirical studies and theoretical findings presented at the 1st International Conference in Scandalogy at the University of Bamberg. The spectrum ranges from communications studies to literary analyzes. The multitude of subjects dealing with the social phenomenon of scandal shows that scandalogy is an independent field of research. Scandals bring down politicians, overthrow business leaders and end sport careers. They occur in every social field, lead to enormous media coverage and a lively public discussion about values ​​and norms - they are a social phenomenon.

As such, scandals very often represent a subject of research of different sciences: Political scientists analyze, for example, the functioning of political rules and institutions, the communication science investigates possible effects of scandal reporting and the course of affairs in various media in literary science scandal authors and their public behavior Sociology looks at the scope of social values ​​and norms that can be changed by scandal discourses.

Further information about the book can be found on the publisher page of Herbert von Halem.
Scandalous // Interdisciplinary research on scandals
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