German-Latin American Media Program

In its German-Latin American Media Program, the International Media Center (IMC) concentrates on encouraging young journalists. The various projects unite a collective concern: advancing freedom of the press and strengthening human rights in Central and South America.

Like China, India and Russia, Latin America is among the world’s most prosperous growth regions: copper from Chile, oil from Venezuela, iron ore from Brazil and soybeans from Argentina are just some of the products for which there is a strong demand in Eastern and Southern Asian countries. They help Central and Southern American countries to increase their export rates. The economic developments have been accompanied by a political reorientation across the continent. In the last decades dictators like Pinochet and military or one-party regimes have more and more disappeared. Democracy has gained entry — and brings new dimensions of freedom for journalists. The IMC’s German-Latin American Media Program supports democratic dialogue in Latin America’s Pro-Am-journalism.

The renowned journalism school at the University Alberto Hurtado (UAH) in Santiago de Chile is the central cooperating partner of the German-Latin American Media Program. The school announces one of the most important journalism awards in Latin America and encourages the development of democratic public institutions across the continent. It is also involved in a number of community projects for increased social justice in South and Central America. Together with the Chilean journalism school, the IMC is preparing an exchange program for young journalists.

The IMC staff continually compares notes with colleagues in Latin America. This exchange of information includes bilateral discussions as well as lectures at Central and South American symposia and support for studies.



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German-Latin American Media Program
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