German-African Media Program

The German-African Media Program bundles different projects and partnerships of the International Media Center Hamburg (IMC) in Sub-Saharan Africa. The focus is on international journalism education and international comparative journalism research.

The various projects unite a collective concern: advancing freedom of the press and strengthening democratic institutions in Africa. An equal exchange with the African cooperating partners is of central importance. The current relationships of the IMC concentrate primarily on Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and South Africa. The IMC believes that professional journalism education is central for socially relevant and functional journalism. In a globalized world, young journalists must understand international relationships. An internationally oriented journalism education is therefore at the heart of the German-African Media Program at IMC and allows journalists from various African countries and Germany to learn from and with one another.

To encourage connecting journalists, the IMC and one of the leading journalism schools in Tansania, have launched a joint program — at the university in Tansania’s media capital and Hamburg’s sister city, Dar es Salaam. An important component of this cooperative venture is the reciprocal visit of students, during which they conduct journalistic work together and present the results on a project website. The participants obtain practical knowledge about journalism in a different social, political, and cultural environment. The exchange contributes to the promotion of democratic culture and quality journalism. A side effect: the exchange program broadens the participants’ knowledge about the sister cities of Hamburg and Dar es Salaam.

IMC has expertise in empirical (international comparative) journalism research. The central aim of journalism studies at IMC is to understand journalism in the context of the society in which it operates. An internationally comparative approach doesn’t only make it possible to distinguish between universal and specific characteristics of each journalism system — a wider view often clarifies the perceptions of one’s own society. 


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German-African Media Program
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