International Media Center

The International Media Center (IMC) researches digitalization of communication and its consequences, potentials and risks for society.

The IMC aims at contributing to the comprehension and management of digitalization and society by publishing current studies. In research, teaching and knowledge transfer, it therefore focuses on the study of global communication processes.

All research projects at the IMC are independent and committed to the public interest. They adhere to the guidelines to secure standardized research practices as defined by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and are headed by the scientists from HAW Hamburg.

The three main research areas of the IMC are:

  • Digital public spheres and globalization
  • Risk perception and crisis communication
  • Social media and political propaganda

The proven expertise of the IMC is in demand by decision-makers in politics, business and civil society institutions. Researchers at the IMC provide support in dealing with current issues by conducting transfer projects, giving statements and providing expertise. Projects and events are developed in cooperation with partners in higher education and also non-scientific institutions such as foundations and NGOs. This ensures the relevance of the research in the practical field.

At the same time, the IMC is better able to meet its quality standards of solution-oriented research into current problems through dialogue with practitioners.

Digital Public Spheres //
Risk Communication //
Social Media Propaganda //
Digital Public Spheres //
Research on digital public spheres at the International Media Center
Risk Communication //
Studies focusing on risk perception and crisis communication
Social Media Propaganda //
Political disinformation in the network society
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